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Dairy software

It allows you to Input Data from Purchasing Milk in terms of KGS and then it converts with the various formulas such as FAT KG, SNF KG, CLR along with Deduction.


bazaar software

Bazaar is a version control system that helps you track project history over time and to collaborate easily with others. Whether you’re a single developer, a co-located team or a community of developers scattered across the world, Bazaar scales and adapts to meet your needs. 
A new project can be started and maintained without a remote repository server.


Hotel software

The best hotel management software is an ultimate management solution to maintain hospitality and customer relationship management by a hotel. A hotel management system can be used for managing rooms to engaging with guests in the hospitality industry like at restaurants, hostel, lodges, suites, resorts etc.


cloth shop software

It is a cloud-based multi-channel retail management solution for retailers that combines e-commerce, POS, and order management functionalities. The software provides a unified retail system with back office management to sell products on multiple channels across multiple regions.


gst software

With predefined tax rates, you just need to add your items in your invoice, select the appropriate tax rate and Sleek Bill does all the calculation breakdown into SGST and CGST or IGST.


gift shop software

It is a cloud-based point of sale (POS) solution that is suitable for retailers in industries such as apparel, footwear, bike, jewelry, pet, sporting goods and home decor. The solution enables retailers to manage inventory and customers, process transactions and dig deep into their store’s analytics.

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